Monday, July 14, 2014

Pamala Pattern Line - Coming in October

I love my mom. She is a strong woman. 

My mom and dad right after the diagnosis

My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction and chemo and now deals with the lymphedema from the removal of lymph nodes when she had her mastectomy. She has been cancer free now for three years as of the end of June so she has a little less than 2 years to go until she will be considered at less risk for recurrence. She lives in Houston so most of the time doesn’t have to deal with really cold weather but still needs something on her head when it does get cool. Also, her hair is still wispy so during warmer months when she is out and about she needs to protect her head.

My mom and sister right before Mom's surgery

Mom and Dad - December 2012

I wanted to do something special for my mom and decided that this year in October I would start the release of a pattern line named and designed in honor of her. When I was visiting with her last week (in July), I asked her what she would want in a hat and showed her one of my books of crochet stitches. She picked a couple stitches that she liked and the designing began. I am now working with some of my testers as I develop the hat in 2 different yarn weights, worsted for cooler weather and a fingering weight for warmer weather.

The first pattern, which will be the hat, will be released for free on the Cre8tion Crochet blog. The rest of the patterns (so far I am planning a prayer shawl, a cowl and a scarf) that I develop will be released as paid patterns and 50% or more of all proceeds of these patterns for as long as I sell them will be given to a cancer related charity, and I will post the contributions for all to see. For now, my choice of charities is Crochet for Cancer. To pull directly from their website: “We are a Christian, volunteer based non-profit organization that gives free hand-crafted hats to those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other cancer related treatments. People from around the globe volunteer their time and talent to crochet and knit hats for oncology patients. They mail their items to one of our Official Crochet for Cancer Chapters and they distribute them to cancer centers, doctor offices and hospitals in their community. Join our efforts and show your love and support to those in the fight of their lives.“ I didn't want my contribution to go into a CEO’s pocket. I understand that there are operating costs but it isn’t necessary to pay some of these CEOs what they are receiving. Again pulling from Crochet for Cancer’s website: “100% of funds received goes toward providing free chemo caps to cancer patients.”

I feel like this is something that might seem small to some but having watched my mom fight cancer and still be struggling with the hair loss and other effects from her treatments this gives me great joy!

My mom is more than a survivor!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Products I Love: My Clover Amour Hooks


DISCLAIMER: I am receiving no benefit from this review. I am just writing it because I am that enthusiastic about this product.

I love my Clover Amour crochet hooks. They are my go to hooks. I have the set of hooks that is sized from B to J. One of the things that I most love about these hooks is they have a size 7 hook which is the 4.5mm hook (between a G and H hook). And I am really excited about the fact that they now have steel hooks in the Clover Amour line! I love working in thread crochet but after a while my hands will start to hurt.

These hooks have an ergonomic grip. The grip isn't hard but it isn't squishy soft either. When I try to use a "normal" hook anymore it just feels strange in my hand. Try the Clover Amour hooks! You will find them wonderful in my opinion.

What hooks do you like?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Meet My Testers: Hollie Bobo

As I said earlier this week, I wouldn't be able to do what I do without my marvelous testers. They help me to make sure that my patterns are what they should be before I release them for the public to use. The first one that I am going to highlight is the wonderful Hollie! She is my right hand with my pattern test lab. I love working with her, and we recently found out that we were born only 3 days apart! So here is Hollie and a little bit about her in her own words:

Hello fellow hookers!! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hollie Bobo, and I am addicted to crocheting. Oh wait....wrong group.... Well, since you're all here, let me tell you a little about myself!! My mom taught me the basics of crocheting and how to read "the language" about 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my 3rd son. Before that, the only time I picked up a hook was to make a baby hat entirely out of slip stitches!!! Needless to say, it was incredibly tight and would never fit ANY baby!!! After that, I decided I wanted to learn how to REALLY do it. And now here we are 9 years later, and I'm officially hooked!!! *pun intended* There are a few crochet related items I can't live clay hooks covered by the super talented Kelli Wohlgemuth over at Sick Lil' Monkeys, cotton yarn (especially I Love This Cotton), any yarn spun by the lovely Shannon Kilmartin, better known as The Hookeraholic Crochet, and a fun and different pattern written by the fantabulous Leah, of course!!!

I was born and raised in good old Pennsylvania and currently live in Bernville, PA which is about an hour and half west of Philly. I met my husband of 13 years, John, at college out in Indiana. I am a stay at home mom to 4 wonderful children. My oldest son, Alexander, is 12, Ashton is 10, Aiden is 8, and my little princess, Ansleigh,
is 3. They are seriously the loves of my life, and also my little models for all the things I hook up!!!! When I am not crocheting, I can be found in the kitchen most likely whipping up some cupcakes. I love to cook and bake for my friends and family.

Well, that about wraps it up. Thank you so much for sticking around and getting to know me better!!!! I hope to "see" you all around Facebookland really soon!!!!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Hollie. Stay tuned for more features on my testers.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Support Small Businesses, Part 2

Monday on my Facebook page I posted asking for ten small businesses to tag their shop and I would look through their photos and share my favorites. Yesterday I shared five of them here. I think that it is important to promote other small businesses. We all do what we do for basically the same reasons: to bring in the little bit extra, to be able to stay home with kids, to help support our families and because we love what we do.

Here are the other five businesses that I featured Monday on my page and their photos. DISCLAIMER: These photos belong to the business named and do not belong to me. They have been told that their page and pics would be shared on my blog post.

6.) Lovin' Hands Creations by Barb - Barb is one of my talented testers. This creation (and model) is so cute. I love the top paired with the skirt and the pose and smile remind me of my own little diva!

7.) The Pink T-Rex - Kimberly is another of my talented testers. The photo I picked from her page was becuase it is the one that my daughter would have picked. I think she did an awesome job on this hat.

8.) Udderly Unique - The picture for this business I just couldn't resist. I love baby animals and especially goats! These little ones are employees of the business or will be in the future. The Pappas family makes and sells homemade bath items. This business started out as a family 4-H project. I love hearing stories like this. In addition to their Facebook page, Udderly Unique has a website.

9.) Warm and Kozy Kreations by Cindy - I had a hard time choosing from her pictures but just couldn't resist this owl diaper cover set made by Cindy. It is so cute. The colors go really well together as well.

10.) Yarn Medley's from the Heart - Spinning is one of the things that I want to learn, and this handspun from Nondas is beautiful. I love the bright summery colors! Besides Facebook, she can be found in her Etsy shop as well. Nondas is another one of my testers and crochets as well as knits!

I enjoyed sharing these shops with y'all! Hope you enjoyed seeing them as well. 

Do you have a favorite shop or two? Let me know!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Support Small Businesses

Yesterday on my Facebook page I posted asking for ten small businesses to tag their shop and I would look through their photos and share my favorites. I think that it is important to promote other small businesses. We all do what we do for basically the same reasons: to bring in the little bit extra, to be able to stay home with kids, to help support our families and because we love what we do.

Here are the first five businesses that I featured yesterday on my page and their photos. I will share the other five tomorrow. DISCLAIMER: These photos belong to the business named and do not belong to me. They have been told that their page and pics would be shared on my blog post.

1.) Andie's String Theory - She can be found at her Facebook page and also in her Storenvy shop. I loved this knit hat that she had on her Facebook page.

2.) Custom Gifts by Nicole - One of my favorite items to make for babies is loveys. Probably because my kids were and are blanket lovers and want to carry one around with them. This lovey from Nicole caught my eye; and I fell in love, especially with the expression on the little guy's face! She just posted a picture today of a floppy sunhat that she made that is fun and lovely as well.

3.) Emma's Essentials - With Father's Day quickly approaching, I picked a photo from Emma's that had several gift options. Jessica has a great little shop with gift items and a little bit of everything, including my finished items! She does an amazing job on custom embroidery and is a great friend.

4.) Kaci's Kreations - I love thread work but don't often do it because it is time consuming. This set from Kaci's Kreations is beautiful and even more so knowing the time that probably went into it. 

5.) Kentucky Made Crafts - I love signs and wreaths and decorations. Donna makes some amazing things and also has an Etsy shop that is great fun to browse around in. This wreath is so lovely. I love how well the burlap and green go together!

I enjoyed sharing this shops with you! Come back tomorrow and check out the other five. Have a favorite small business? Share in the comments.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Meet My Testers

I am going to start doing a feature titled "Meet My Testers".

These are going to be profiles of the amazing ladies that test my patterns and make sure they are as good as we can make them before I release them to the public. They make sure that my directions make sense, that I haven't missed any typos or errors and that my patterns work out like my head sees them (because sometimes it doesn't work that way!) and are generally my cheerleaders!

I couldn't do what I do without them and so wanted to acknowledge them and what they do in a special way. They are amazing, generous and talented people who I am so blessed to have in my life.

The first profile will be on Friday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It has been a while since I posted but just want to share with y'all what all has been going on in my world. Super busy with pattern writing and keeping my business organized. I think the secretarial and paperwork type stuff is my least favorite part but that is probably because I do that for my day job!

I got graphics and a logo for my business which makes me really happy. If you need graphics I would highly recommend Melody over at MadMad Graphics. I didn't know exactly what I wanted but filled out a questionnaire and she came up with some that I am super happy with.

What do y'all think?

Also have had several pattern releases since I last wrote, so go make sure you check out my Ravelry and Craftsy stores. 

This is my most recent release:

So let me know, what has been happening with you?